Veterinary house calls in and around Altadena, CA by Dr. Alex Swope DVM

Veterinary house calls in and around Altadena, CA by Dr. Alex Swope DVM
March 9, 2017 admin

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Do you ever wish you could have a knowledgeable veterinarian with you at home? Someone who can evaluate your pet’s health in the environment your pet finds most comfortable? If so, consider utilizing veterinary house calls in Altadena, CA by Dr. Alex Swope DVM. A mobile veterinarian will bring their expertise right to your door, on your schedule. You won’t have to worry about traveling or fighting traffic and your pet won’t stress either! For animals who do not do well at traditional veterinary clinics due to an inability to travel well or poor behavior around other animals, scheduling veterinary house calls in Altadena by Dr. Alex Swope DVM can be a great alternative.

For multi-pet households, keeping up with varying vaccine and wellness schedules for each pet can be a hassle. Why schedule several vet visits each year, when you can have your wellness exams and vaccines for every animal in your home performed by one vet during one visit? Veterinary house calls for Altadena pet owners will save you money as well as time. Discounted exams are often offered for each additional pet seen during a single house call.

Your trusted mobile veterinarian Dr. Alex Swope DVM is fully qualified and brings her expertise to your door. In addition to vaccines and wellness exams, when you book veterinary house calls in Altadena, CA, you have access to illness and injury treatment, small mass removals, blood draws, urinalysis, and any procedure requiring localized anesthesia. If larger scale treatment or surgeries are needed, you will be referred to a trusted veterinary clinic or animal hospital.

In addition to cost efficiency for multi-pet households and the convenience of staying at home, when you hire Dr. Alex Swope
mobile veterinarian, you receive several benefits you won’t experience in a traditional clinic setting. When your pet is in a comfortable environment and less stressed, the veterinarian will be able to observe more natural behaviors and perform a better physical exam. Dogs that pant heavily or cats that hiss, growl, or even purr excessively in a clinic setting will not provide accurate breathing and heart rates. Eliminating the stress of travel can increase the chance your veterinarian will catch any abnormalities on a physical wellness exam.

And finally, pet owners that utilize veterinary house calls in Altadena by Dr. Alex Swope DVM will be able to receive immediate feedback from the veterinarian on any environmental factors that may be affecting your pet’s health. You will get one-on-one guidance on how to set up your home or make changes to increase your pet’s quality of life.

So if you are considering mobile veterinary care for your pet, call Dr. Alex Swope to schedule your first appointment! All Veterinary website designs created by VetMarketingPro the leaders in the Veterinary Industry.