Pet Vaccinations Van Nuys

Pet Vaccinations Van Nuys
July 13, 2019 admin

Prevention is the key to helping your pet live a long, healthy life. With annual vaccinations, you can ensure that your companion animals are protected against Rabies, distemper, and a wide range of other potentially deadly diseases.

Unfortunately, many pet parents find it difficult to find the time to load their pets up and drive them across town to go to the vet. Alex DVM of Sweet Home Veterinary Hospital can help. Rather than needing to travel to his office, we can come to your home to provide pet vaccinations in Van Nuys and the surrounding communities. This is more convenient for you, and it can be much less stressful for your pet. Whether you don’t have time to travel to your vet’s office or your pet struggles with the anxiety of riding in the car or going to the vet, we will come to you to make keeping your pet up-to-date on routine vaccinations easier.

Pet Vaccinations in Van Nuys

In order to remain healthy and happy, companion animals require multiple vaccines. They should begin receiving their vaccinations when they are puppies or kittens, and they require boosters throughout their lives. Ideally, your pet should be started on a vaccine schedule when they are about 8 weeks old. Over the course of the next few weeks, expect to get vaccines every 3 or 4 weeks. Even after your pet is fully vaccinated, many boosters are required on an annual basis. If you fail to keep up with them, your pet may no longer be protected should they come in contact with certain diseases.


Both dogs and cats need to be vaccinated against rabies. Dogs may also receive vaccines for Bordetella, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and other diseases. Cats are typically vaccinated against feline leukemia, calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rhinotracheitis. Depending on lifestyle factors, we may recommend additional vaccines for your pets.


If your cat or dog is in need of pet vaccinations in Van Nuys, we can help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment for convenient in-home vaccinations.