Mobile Veterinarian in Pasadena and Burbank

Mobile Veterinarian in Pasadena and Burbank
June 23, 2016 admin

Things to consider when choosing a Mobile Veterinarian in Burbank and a Mobile Veterinarian in Pasadena

A mobile veterinarian is a great way to provide your pets with the veterinary care they need, especially for animals who become stressed during car rides or being around other animals. It is also useful for pet owners who have difficulties arranging transport to and from vet clinics, have busy schedules, or care for young children at home. It also keeps your pets more relaxed during their exam and provides useful information on how your pet behaves in its natural environment.

If you are considering mobile veterinary care for your pets in the Burbank or Pasadena area, there are a few things to ask yourself when deciding if a mobile veterinarian is right for you.

What type of veterinary care does my pet need?

A house-call veterinarian is able to provide you with basic wellness care such as vaccines, exams, medical grooming, and preventative treatments. Most mobile vets will also be able to do standard diagnostics (blood draws, urinalysis, snap tests, etc.) and any procedure requiring localized sedation or anesthesia, such as minor wound repair, abscess draining, and small mass removal. If your pet requires hospitalization or full anesthesia, your mobile vet can refer you to a trusted full-service clinic in your area.

What kind of emergency care does my pet need?

For sudden illness or trauma, a mobile veterinarian will be able to evaluate your pet without causing any additional stress or injury from transportation. Animal hospitals and emergency clinics can cost you excessive amounts of money just by walking through their door. A mobile vet can help you decide if your pet’s emergency can be treated at home, or if it needs more extensive care.

How will I obtain medication for my pets?

A mobile veterinarian should have an easy way for you to fill prescriptions. Consider one with an online pharmacy, which will allow you to have the medications you need delivered straight to your door.

How does mobile veterinary care benefit both me and my pets?

Mobile veterinary will save you time and the hassle it takes to transport your animals to a clinic. For a multi-animal household, it will also allow you to have all of your pets receive the care they need at the same time. Many house-call veterinarians will charge only one visitation fee and offer discounted exams for all additional pets they examine.

As for your pets, they will be much happier staying at home!
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