In Home Services

Sweet Home Veterinary Mobile Service offers the highest quality in home veterinary services for pet and hobby farm owners in the San Fernando Valley. Our goal is to provide our clients and patients with a mobile veterinarian who can ensure your animal’s health and happiness through all stages of life. For some, this means getting your shy cat vaccinated right in your own living room. For others, it’s making sure your goat out on the farm is in good shape. Whatever your needs, Sweet Home Veterinary Mobile Service has you covered.
french bulldog
For healthy animals, we offer mobile wellness exams, health certificates, microchipping services and the necessary vaccinations your animals need, all without having to bring them into the clinic. If your animal suffers from a chronic illness or an acute disease, our mobile veterinarian can provide injury treatments, quality of life assessments, and in home euthanasia when the time comes.

There are a number of reasons an animal can’t make it into the clinic for medical care. Some older pets suffer from severe anxiety or painful conditions that make traveling difficult. Others just don’t play well with other pets. Many owners also struggle with their own mobility issues, making proper veterinary care for their companions difficult. For hobby farms, not every animal owner has the ability to physically transport all of their sick animals. Whatever the reason, Sweet Home Veterinary Mobile Service has you covered.

guinea pig close-up

We treat a variety of pets, including standard dogs and cats as well as rabbits and pocket pets. Sweet Home Veterinary Mobile Service is also skilled at working with many farm animals, including goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep and more. Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your pet or farm animal, our team is happy to help.

Sweet Home Veterinary Mobile Service is happy to provide mobile veterinary services for animals in the Van Nuys, Burbank, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Universal City, Glendale, Sun Valley, Northridge, Reseda and Encino communities.