Finding a Mobile Veterinarian in Reseda

Finding a Mobile Veterinarian in Reseda
March 4, 2019 admin

Are you a busy pet owner? That feels like a bit of a silly question. After all, ‘busy’ and ‘pet owner’ are practically the same thing! When we find our way into pet parenthood, there are a number of responsibilities that come with those sweet puppy eyes. Regular wellness exams, getting them vaccinated against dangerous diseases and making sure they’re protected from life-threatening parasites are all major parts of owning a pet. It’s not always easy being a proactive pet parent, though. A mobile veterinarian in the Reseda area can help.

Benefits of a Mobile Veterinarian in Reseda

Whether you’re a long distance commuter for work or simply a busy parent with too much on their plate, the last thing you want to do is hop back in your car for yet another task. A mobile veterinarian can offer you the flexibility and convenience you need to stay sane. You won’t have to worry about strapping your kids into their car seats or watching them carefully alongside the family dog while you’re in the waiting room of the veterinarian’s office. You don’t have to stress out about how you’re going to have time to make dinner, or if you should just settle for unhealthy drive-thru dinner again. Best of all, you’re not stuck rescheduling your pet’s wellness exams due to work conflicts or having to take a day off just to get them their shots. It’s easy to get their preventative care taken care of before serious health issues crop up.


Better for Pets

Even if your pet is generally calm around other animals, there’s no guarantee how the other pets at the vet’s office will react to being put around strange animals. This can lead to stress and anxiety, which is why many pets have a tough time going to a clinic. Those stressed out pets often have a less thorough exam for unavoidable reasons, too. It’s difficult to get an accurate reading on your pet’s normal blood pressure if they’re going into survival mode. An in-home visit removes those problems and allows for a better and more accurate appointment.

If you have any questions about finding a mobile veterinarian in Reseda, please feel free to reach out to us at AlexDVM at any time.