Finding a Farm Animal Veterinarian in Encino

Finding a Farm Animal Veterinarian in Encino
August 29, 2018 admin

The history behind the San Fernando Valley is surprisingly filled with green pastures and bleating sheep, long before the suburbia we’re all used to now. And it turns out that what’s old is becoming new again. Hobby farms are becoming popular throughout California (and the rest of the country) these days, with chickens and goats becoming the new family pets. These animals can be surprisingly rewarding, and not just for the eggs they produce. Each animal on the farm serves a purpose, from the pawing hooves of a goat rooting up weeds to the cat hunting mice out from below the chicken coop. The entire system of a hobby farm is beautiful and wondrous for families looking to get back to their roots, as it were. If you’ve decided to build your own little sanctuary here, you’ll need a great farm animal veterinarian in Encino to help keep things running smoothly.


Traveling Farm Animal Veterinarian in Encino

Have you ever tried getting a goat into the back of a Subaru Outback? While it’s technically possible, we wouldn’t rank it high on our list of fun weekend plans. The chickens seem like they’d fit much more easily, but the second you get on the freeway you could find yourself with a cacophony of clucking and feathers everywhere. If you have a hobby farm, your new best friend is going to be a mobile veterinarian. They can come right to your front door — or your pasture, roost or pens — and do most, if not all, of the veterinary care right there. Plus, if your hobby farm really is a fun pastime on top of your regular 9 to 5 job, you likely don’t have time to haul your farm animals to the vet’s office. And that doesn’t include finding a vet clinic that will treat your sheep!


Relationships That Last

If you’ve joined the sweet community of hobby farmers, you know know how great it is to find people who know what it’s like to choose this lifestyle. Not everyone understands why you’d choose to wake up at the crack of dawn to feed the animals or muck stalls after work or do any number of tasks. Finding a good farm animal veterinarian here in Encino is a vital part of your community building when you commit to a hobby farm.They’re there to answer questions you never thought you’d be asking, helping when you need it, and offering support.


If you have any questions about farm animal veterinary care here in Encino, please feel free to reach out to us at SweetHome Veterinary Hospital & In Home Services.