Dr. Alex Swope DVM #1 in Northridge CA for Mobile Veterinary house calls

Dr. Alex Swope DVM #1 in Northridge CA for Mobile Veterinary house calls
April 6, 2017 admin

Sick Kitty in Northridge

Northridge mobile veterinary house calls are not just for dogs and cats! Hiring a mobile veterinarian is a great option for owners of all kinds of domestic animals, including reptiles, rabbits, rodents, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, and other farm animals. All of your household veterinary needs can be brought right to your door, which saves you time, money, and stress.

Microchipping for Pets

You get everything you would expect to be included in a home vet visit when you choose Northridge mobile veterinary house calls. Wellness exams are recommended for all animals, and more often for geriatric or chronically ill pets. When you set up a house call with a mobile veterinarian in Northridge, CA, you will pay one visitation fee, even if you have multiple pets at home! Each additional pet in need of veterinary services will qualify for a discounted exam. Vaccinations for cats, dogs, and livestock are available and much more convenient when you have all of your animals taken care of in one visit! You can also have your pets microchipped, which takes less than a minute and can be an invaluable tool if your pet ever goes missing. Mobile veterinarians are also able to provide health certificates for interstate or international travel.

Pet owners in need of humane euthanasia services for their furry family members will appreciate the care and comfort of having it done at home. During this difficult time, it is better to keep animals in a safe and familiar environment instead of stressing them with travel. Hiring a mobile veterinarian can make the transition much easier for both you and your pet.

Sick Pets Need a Veterinarian

For ill or injured pets, utilizing Northridge mobile veterinary house calls can be more convenient than traveling to a regular clinic, if the pet is not in need of emergency care. Examples of concerns that can be handled by a mobile veterinarian include lameness, geriatric conditions, hospice care, small mass removals, dehydration or inappetence, lethargy, torn nails, minor wound care, and more! Conditions requiring x-rays and/or localized sedation are all able to be serviced in-home. Because mobile veterinarians are often able to have a more flexible schedule, making an appointment is easy and time-saving. If your pet does require hospitalization or more extensive diagnostics, a mobile veterinarian can refer you to a qualified, trusted animal hospital.

If you are looking to schedule Northridge mobile veterinary house calls, contact Dr. Alex Swope to book your first appointment! Her years of experience with a wide variety of domestic pets, farm animals, and rescue animals make her the perfect choice for your go-to mobile veterinarian. All Veterinary website designs created by VetMarketingPro the leaders in the Veterinary Industry.