Choosing A Mobile Veterinarian in Woodland Hills, CA

Choosing A Mobile Veterinarian in Woodland Hills, CA
January 5, 2018 admin

If you’ve ever had a sick pet, you know that the process of getting them to the vet can be stressful and often requires taking time from work and other obligations. You’re likely already stuck in your car enough on those hot summer days, so it can be frustrating to try to squeeze yet another trip into your busy schedule. Perhaps it’s time to consider choosing a mobile veterinarian in Woodland Hills, CA.

Choosing a Mobile Veterinarian In Woodland Hills

Choosing a Mobile Veterinarian In Woodland Hills CA

There are plenty of benefits to your animal if you choose this route. Have you ever arrived at the vet only to have your pet’s symptoms be masked by general anxiety and fear of their sterile surroundings? Animals react in a variety of ways to stress, and this could make it difficult to properly diagnose certain conditions. Instead of leaving the vet’s office frustrated yet again with no answers, have the veterinarian come to you!


These mobile veterinarians often have flexible hours outside of what you’d find at a regular clinic, offering you options to fit any of your needs.


Maybe you have some more uncommon companions as well, such as reptiles, rabbits or rodents. Instead of traveling with your ailing animal to try to find an exotic vet clinic that’s equipped to handle your needs in Woodland Hills, it can be infinitely easier to just have a mobile veterinarian come to you. These services can make a world of difference to those with larger animals that can’t quite move around like they used to. Certain conditions can make walking or being driven painful for older, sick pets.


Cat and dog owners with mobility issues can also benefit greatly from a mobile veterinarian. It can be frustrating to feel that you can’t transport your pet to the care it needs, but you don’t have to let that stop you from keeping them happy and healthy.

Choosing a Mobile Veterinarian Woodland Hills CA

Choosing a Mobile Veterinarian Woodland Hills CA

Mobile veterinary services can help your pet stay current with preventative care and on-time vaccinations without the hassle of another visit to the clinic. For more serious chronic illnesses, emergencies can come up suddenly and unexpectedly. And once your animal has lived its full life with you, in-home euthanasia can be much kinder than in-office end-of-life care.


If these are some of the issues you struggle with and you feel ready to start looking at a mobile veterinarian in the Woodland Hills, CA area, consider contacting Alex Swope, DVM.