Choosing A Mobile Veterinarian In Northridge

Choosing A Mobile Veterinarian In Northridge
October 27, 2017 admin

Busier lives demand greater convenience. We shop online. We book appointments online. We even download entertainment for on-demand viewing. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t easily fit into our schedule, it often gets put on the back burner. If this is how the rest of our lives work, why should our pet’s veterinary care be any different? A mobile veterinarian offers optimal convenience for both you and your pet, eliminating the need for pet transport, and for trying to pencil a vet visit into an already packed calendar.

Choosing a Mobile Veterinarian in NorthRidge

Choosing a Mobile Veterinarian in Northridge






If you’re interested in a mobile veterinarian in Northridge, you’ll want to take a couple things into consideration…


If you’re getting a mobile veterinarian, it’s likely that one of the draws of this form of veterinary care is the convenience of having your veterinarian come to you. Make sure that the veterinarian you’re considering works the hours you need. If you only have Saturdays open, be sure that your mobile veterinarian works at least some hours on Saturday, and that these Saturdays aren’t booked solid for months out. If you need evening hours, make sure they offer them. Most mobile veterinarians offer evenings at least several days of the week, so be sure yours has them on the days you need them.

In addition to the days and times your veterinarian of choice has available, be sure they are actually ready to accept new patients. If they can’t take you now, keep their card for another time, but keep searching. You want someone who isn’t going to be too busy to fit you in when you really need it.

Experience and Resources

It’s no big secret that experience makes a big difference. The right mobile veterinarian in Northridge will have experience with your pet type. If you’re looking for a veterinarian for your goats or horses, you’ll want to be sure that your choice veterinarian had farm animal experience. If you have a chinchilla, be sure they have experience with exotic pets. Their experience will make a major difference in the quality of the care your pet receives.

In some cases, experience isn’t enough. Sometimes you’ll need more specialized care for your companion. In cases where complex imaging or ultra special care is needed, does your veterinarian of choice have resources you can use? Can they recommend a specialist they can talk to, follow up with, possibly work with? Do they have connections to local clinics for urgent care, emergency care, or advanced diagnostics? They should! Be sure to check!

Care and Services

Although this comes last in our list of considerations for finding a mobile veterinarian in Northridge, it certainly isn’t the least in order of importance. Before you can seriously consider a mobile veterinarian, consider what services they offer. You’ll want someone who offers a range of services from wellness services like basic wellness checks and vaccinations, to acute illness and injury care and diagnostics. Additional services like microchipping and health certificate evaluations for travel are also a major plus!

Think mobile veterinary services are right for you and need a mobile veterinarian in Northridge that checks all the boxes? Drop a line to Alex Swope at [email protected], or call (818) 798-4909. In addition to servicing the Northridge area, Dr. Swope also serves pets in Pasadena, La Canada, Burbank, Glendale, La Crescenta, Sunland, Altadena, North Hollywood, Sylmar, Granada Hills, and Toluca Lake.