Choose Dr. Alex Swope DVM for your mobile veterinarian in Burbank CA

Choose Dr. Alex Swope DVM for your mobile veterinarian in Burbank CA
January 20, 2017 admin

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Finding high-quality veterinary care for your pet has never been easier now that you can choose a Mobile Veterinarian in Burbank, CA. Mobile Veterinary care brings all the standard exams and procedures offered by a traditional clinic or animal hospital right to your door, which saves you time, travel, and money. Your pet will thank you for eliminating the stress associated with vet visits and for allowing exams to be performed in the comfort of their own home.

Yearly wellness exams are recommended for all pets in order to provide preventative care and manage health issues before they become more serious. A wellness exam typically includes a full examination of the eyes, ears, mouth, and body of the animal, as well as vaccinations and fecal screenings, if recommended. This is also an opportunity to address any questions or concerns about your pet’s health with your Veterinarian. Choosing a Mobile Veterinarian allows Burbank pet owners to provide additional information about how the animal is behaving in a stress-free location. This extra information can assist with diagnosing medical concerns, as the Veterinarian can observe your pet in their natural environment.

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Veterinary visits are not always budget-friendly, which can add up in multi-pet households. But when using a Mobile Veterinarian, Burbank residents receive discounted exams for each additional pet at home! This offer not only consolidates your time by not having to schedule multiple vet appointments for each animal, but you can make sure that no pet is left behind — even the ones who do not enjoy Veterinary care.


Mobile Veterinary care is not just for wellness exams either. Mobile Vets also offer biopsies, injury and wound care, medical grooming, and diagnostics such as blood draw and urinalysis. After a thorough evaluation, if your pet’s condition requires full anesthesia or more advanced diagnostics, your Mobile Veterinarian in Burbank can refer you to a trusted Veterinary partner for further care.

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If you are a pet owner with limited time or an inflexible work schedule, choosing a Mobile Veterinarian in Burbank is much more convenient than using a traditional veterinary clinic. Since there are no office hours, a Mobile Vet can schedule visits around you and your pet’s needs, whether you need an appointment after work, on a weekend, or whenever you are at home. The flexible schedule of a Mobile Vet eliminates the hassle of appointment scheduling and travel.
Whatever your needs, consider choosing a Mobile Veterinarian for your pet’s care. It is convenient, easy, and less stressful for everyone! Your pet will thank you for staying at home. All Veterinary website designs created by VetMarketingPro the leaders in the Veterinary Industry.