Alex Swope Mobile Veterinarian in Sylmar CA

Alex Swope Mobile Veterinarian in Sylmar CA
October 11, 2016 admin

Alex Swope Mobile Veterinarian in Sylmar CA

Dr. Alex Swope brings her expertise in a wide range of veterinary care right to your door, which makes her the best choice of a mobile veterinarian in Sylmar, CA. Dr. Alex Swope knows the challenges of managing a multi-pet, multi-species home. She is the happy owner of multiple dogs (both large and small breed), cats, pigs, goats, horses, chickens, and ducks. She also enjoys working with small animals including rodents, rabbits, and reptiles. However big (or small) your family is, Dr. Alex Swope can assist you with your veterinary needs.

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Whether you own one cat or dog, or have several pets in your home, having a mobile veterinarian in Sylmar, CA allows you the convenience of having all of your pets examined in one home visit. This not only saves you time and scheduling concerns but will also save you money (and gas)! Dr. Alex Swope offers a flat visitation fee and exam, and a generous discount exam rate for each additional animal you need her to see during the same visit. Unlike a traditional veterinary clinic, you are the only client during an appointment when you choose a mobile veterinarian such as Dr. Alex Swope. She will give your pets the one-on-one attention they deserve without the rush of having other appointments waiting. She will have the time to answer all of your questions and concerns and build a relationship with you and your pets.


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Choose Alex Swope DVM for your mobile veterinarian in Sylmar CA

In addition to convenience, in-home veterinary care reduces the stress on your pets by eliminating the need for travel. This becomes a great choice for pets who have mobility issues or do not interact well with other animals. In-home vet care also offers the veterinarian greater insight into an animal’s natural environment, which is not possible with a traditional veterinary clinic. If you have concerns about your pet, you can show Dr. Alex Swope exactly where these concerns occur, and provide the environmental details that will help with diagnostics. Suggestions can then be made to increase the health and happiness of your pet based on your specific home setup and lifestyle.


Choosing a mobile veterinarian in Sylmar, CA gives you all of the standard veterinary care you need for your pets without any drop in quality. Dr. Alex Swope is able to offer exams, vaccines, basic diagnostics (including blood draws and minor biopsies) and any procedure requiring localized anesthesia. She will work with you to ensure your pet gets all of the care it needs and can refer you to a trusted hospital or clinic for more complex procedures.
Unlike traditional veterinary clinics that have set hours of operation, Dr. Alex Swope is available every day of the week on a flexible schedule. Working with a mobile veterinarian in Sylmar, CA gives you the freedom to schedule an appointment around your own life. Call today and book your appointment at (818) 798-4909! You’ll speak directly with Dr. Alex Swope, who will help you assess your family’s veterinary needs — no matter how big or small. All Veterinary website designs Created by VetMarketingPro the leaders in the Veterinary Industry.